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carbon made only wants to be unmade.
5th-Mar-2013 06:40 pm - Semi-Friends Only!

As of June 18, 2007, my journal is SEMI-FRIENDS only -- which means that everyone is free to read my journal, with the exception of my more personal entries (it wouldn't do to give a bad impression now, would it?).

Please feel free to friend me. If you would like me to friend you back, don't hesitate to leave me a comment here; tell me a bit about yourself and make me smile. I love making new friends, so if you're feeling intimidated don't be! Trust me, I'm a very nice person and I myself get very intimidated about asking people to add me as a friend but let me assure you that I'm not snobby. If anything, someone told me I'm too nice...

tell me, did you fall for a shooting star...Collapse )

If what I say resonates with you, it's merely
because we are both branches of the same tree.
-- William Butler Yeats
I can't believe it's been TWO YEARS since my last entry here. It seems I've all but abandoned my old digs here on LJ; life's just funny like that, I guess.

For any of my old LJ friends who still post here, I'd like to say, "hello!" Unfortunately, I don't have any plans to start posting once again, as I've kind of fallen victim to the charms of Tumblr and a lot of things in life don't allow for regular blogging any more (ohHAI, I work at Victoria's Secret now, wooot!).

But since my last entry, a great deal has changed for me. I feel like I've gotten more mature, I've made two movies now, I won a fund from the Winnipeg Film Group, I've ended an old relationship, developed a new (better) one, I moved into an apartment, I HAVE A CAT, I have a guinea pig, I've been traveling, etc. Yes, a lot.

If anyone is interested in checking out my new internet life, I have links below of my new haunts. Until then! Goodbye, Livejournal. Goodbye, blog! I've met so many friends through this blog over the years that it's a little bittersweet to think of leaving it behind. But thanks all the same.


November 13, 2012


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wrecktanglefilms.com - My film site (coming soon)
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Facebook (you can try to add me. I probably won't add you back unless I know you, har har.)

Personal Tumblr page
16th-Nov-2010 12:38 am - NEW TRAILER FOR MY SHORT FILM, JINX!
Allow me to share with you, my dear LJ friends, the fruits of my (and everyone else on my crew) labour -- or, at least, a trailer of it. Presenting the teaser of my first short film, the experimental horror that is Jinx!

I just spent the last five hours at my producer's house, editing this little gem. *grumbles* I know the audio isn't perfect but you know what? For once, I'm not being totally anal about it because I'm quite proud of this. I hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to send me feedback! :D

... now, Imma go find something to eat. ^o^ (And I will try to put some time away to make a proper entry here soooooooon! XD)
15th-Sep-2010 01:24 am - Everything's changing so fast
I don't feel the same for that person any more even though it's been so long. All of a sudden, you came out of nowhere and I can't get you out of my head, my chest, the thought of your skin on mine. It's not fair. It's not. :(
I was standing in the middle of the set by myself, with the extras on one side of the room being fitted by my wardrobe team, while on the other side my crew members were setting up the lighting scheme and my director of photgraphy was focusing the camera and attaching it to his shoulder rig.

And I thought to myself, "This is mine. This is all mine."

It was my story. My script. My directorial debut.

I wanted to cry. I still do.

24th-Aug-2010 07:52 am - My feature on kojbfilms.com
Hey, everyone! If you haven't already seen my promotional video for "Jinx", please check this out! My featured article on kojbfilms.com:


On another note -- I'M EXCITED AND SCARED AS FUCK. This Saturday, you guys. This fricking Saturday. @_x;;
7th-Aug-2010 12:04 am(no subject)
My hamster died today. :( She usually likes to curl up when she sleeps, which is why I noticed that she was lying on her side. I knew right away. How sad.

Rest in peace, Blint. You and I never really got along -- I found that I was no longer the kind of person who could keep a pet like you, and you were much too noisy for something barely an inch long -- but I hope we had some good times. <3

In no way is this mandatory of my friends, but if you're feeling generous, please consider helping me fund my film!

(Of course, most of you guys I'd be sending free copies of my film to after it's finshed, so don't feel like you have to donate to get one!! :O )

ANYWAY -- JINX: A tale of dark streets and broken mirrors. On the way home from a night of partying, Amy and her friend are stalked from the shadows by an unknown presence. In a flash, the difference between reality and nightmares become indistinguishable.

The film date is August 28, on a Saturday; I'm SUPER FUCKING EXCITED!!


HAPPY 21st ANNIVERSARY to my parents, who -- if you've ever watched the movie Akira -- got married on the day that little psycho blew up Tokyo (July 16, 1988). Also, Annabelle's 9th birthday is tomorrow, and as a present, my parents are celebrating it with her at Ai-Kon, my city's annual anime convention. I think it's just adorable that Anna's going to be cosplaying Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach; my mum did such a fantastic job with the costume!

Having said that, I've got to get back to work. I'm scrapping my current storyboard and doing it over again -- but hopefully it'll be a bit easier since I've completed about half of my shot list (yay!). I've also put together a very approximate accounting sheet and, wow, THIS PRODUCTION WILL COST ME QUITE A BIT. @_x;; But it's worth it.

And on a random note, I'm HUGELY OBSESSED with Inglourious Basterds right now. Like, hugely. I'm throwing random German words and phrases into my speech now, and normally too, the way I do with Japanese and French words. XD I want to learn German! And I want Col. Hans Landa to choke me... XD (Hahahah, what a perv.)

Wish me luck, mein Liebst(s, or however plurals work in German)!
5th-Jul-2010 09:19 am - Tool concert last night was EPIC!!
Patrick and I went to see the Tool concert last night, and as the subject header says, IT WAS EPIC. My ears are still ringing this morning. (Why the hell am I even up this early?!) To hear Maynard's voice for myself, live, was soooo... a fangirl momenet. I've left my high school self behind but I was definitely squealing a little bit in there, though luckily it was lost in all of the fucking screaming.

And I'm pretty sure I was the only Asian kid there. Pat and I were scanning the crowd ALL NIGHT. No brown people. WTF, my Asian friends?! WHY DON'T YOU LISTEN TO TOOL?! 8|

Anyway, I've got work later and a film meeting soon, this week. I'm going back to bed. -_-
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